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with Alicia Ann Photographers

Personal Coaching

Explanation of session types + investment information.

The what's, why's and where's of personal coaching

The topics covered during the different types of sessions

Book a coaching session and give your business a boost!

In the 8 years since Alicia started her business she has:•Photographed 15 international weddings.

•Shot 25+ weddings each year, except her first.

•Averaged a booking rate of $6500 for herself.

•Trained and taken on three associate photographers.

•Trained two interns and coached them through launching their business.

•Launched a glamour brand and shot 176 glamour sessions in its first year of business.

•Grown her business between 19% and 53% each year she has been in business.

•Consumed copious amounts of chocolate to get her through the busy seasons.Alicia wants to help you make your business work for you. She understands the pressures of building a brand in a market that is saturated. She is passionate about business and totally geeks out on helping others organize and succeed in their business and she understands what it’s like to be overwhelmed by all the tasks necessary in running a successful business. She is an expert in helping you make sense of all that nitty-gritty in order to free up your time and energy to pursue the areas of your business that you love, in order to make it grow into something that you are proud of.

About Alicia


1. The heart behind it all
(life goals, defining your "why", etc.)

2. Branding
(website, blog, packaging, design)

3. Online Marketing
(Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)

4. Client experience
(Communication, surprises, etc)

5. SEO
(Effective SEO, secret blog, etc.)

6. Workflow
(Systems, client management)

7. Pricing
(Expenses, pricing for profit)

8. Business
(Contracts, budgeting, etc.)

9. Posing + Lighting (in person only)
(natural posing, natural + OCF lighting)